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Five Body Care Gym Products

Five Body Care Gym Products

The Bast Paris body care range for gym, fitness and wellbeing has been produced in Halmstad, Sweden. It has been designed to help feel good trainers prepare for physical routines, help prevent injuries and to take care of your skin, body and mind.

Here’s our guide to the five body care gym products which will help take care of your body as an athlete before and after physical challenges.

1. BAST Paris Universal Cleanser

Pre workout spray BAST Paris Universal Cleanser on your weights, machines and other gym equipment. The alcohol-based formula has ingredients derived from renewable plant sources to instantly clean, refresh, and sanitise.


  • Refreshes and sanitises your gym equipment.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours. 


2. BAST Paris Body Wash

Post exercise use BAST Paris Body Wash in the shower. It’s mild and natural ingredients cleanse, hydrate and maintain a balanced moisture level. With a scent of green fig, it is both protective and refreshing.


  • Prevents dehydrated skin.
  • Gives you a refreshing feeling after your workout. 


3. BAST Paris Hand Cream

Apply BAST Paris Hand Cream to protect your skin and give smooth flexible hands. Designed for active people whose hands are exposed to skin injuries, it deodorises, protects against bacteria, and absorbs excess oils and moisture.


  • Protects against bacteria.
  • Leaves you with a nourishing and healing feeling.


4. BAST Paris Bruise Control

Intensify the recovery process with BAST Paris Bruise Control. It contains natural arnica flower which works as an anti inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation and protects.


  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Gives sore muscles a chance to recover fast!


5. BAST Paris Utility Spray 

Treat your used athletic gear with BAST Paris Utility Spray. Designed to absorb and eliminate bad odour it’s great for leather, synthetics and rubber in gloves, shoes and other sporting equipment.


  • Eliminates bad odour.
  • Gives off a safe and fresh feeling.


Our body care gym products have been designed to help you to take care of your body as an athlete. We offer a variety of pre and post workout items to develop a cooling, calming, recovering and strengthening routine after physical challenges. All our BAST Paris products are developed and produced in Sweden.

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